When Santa brings down the Roof


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Santa Claus is coming… To inspect your roof.  Year after year, your roof has been a landing pad for a portly older man and his pack of mischievous reindeer, not to mention his 100 ton bag of toys. This extra stress can cause damage to your roof that if left untreated could potentially be life threatening. It is imperative that you not allow your roof to go unattended these holidays, the last thing we would like is to have Santa fall through the roof and unto your Christmas tree in the living room.

 But seriously… Christmas time is when people pay attention to how your roof looks. Do you, like many people, decorate your house? Did you hang lights from your gutters? Or perhaps mount a giant waving Santa Clause on your roof? Or maybe, just maybe decide to cover your roof with 250 strands of twinkling lights?

 If any of these apply to you, then you should call Prestige Roofing for a thorough inspection of your roof.