Many Uses of Architectural Copper

Copper: More than Just a Pretty Roof

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Copper Roofing is both beautiful and practical. It provides quality protection to buildings, lasting in many cases, for centuries. Its beauty is known around the world. But copper in architecture goes far beyond just roofs. Copper can enhance the appearance, durability and function of a building inside and out.

Three Types of Copper Roofs

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Copper roofing is one of the most versatile roofing materials because copper is malleable and can be formed into many shapes to create a unique look at every installation. Copper roofs come in three general types, each of which has its own advantages and style:

Copper sheets, or continuous copper roofing: Using a continuous sheet of copper creates a beautiful, seamless look that also is the most watertight and wind resistant form. The sheets are prefabricated and worked by trained craftsmen, then installed without seams or joints. This is the most expensive type of copper roofing.

Copper panels: Copper panels in standard widths are installed to provide an attractive roof with visible seams, usually crimped or welded. Copper panels are somewhat less costly than custom copper sheets.

Copper shingles: Copper shingles are the least costly. They are installed similar to a normal shingle roof project, using copper fasteners (other metal fasteners may corrode in the presence of copper). Installation must be done by experienced installers to prevent damage to the soft copper tiles as they are placed.

Copper Flashing, Gutters and Downspouts

With its easy malleability, extreme durability and resistance to rust and corrosion, copper is a great choice for other roof features, such as flashing, gutters and downspouts.

When used in flashing to divert water away from vulnerable parts of a roof or building, copper’s advantages include its strength, flexibility and resistance to the effects of building movement due to settlement and expansion/contraction due to weather. It resists the corroding effects of surrounding materials and the weather.

Similarly, copper gutters and downspouts add both beauty and highly effective protection to draw water away from roofs and prevent pooling or leaks. Well-built copper joints are high strength and leak proof for better performance. These systems will not rust and will last for decades, outlasting most other types of gutter and downspout systems.

Cladding, Domes, and Spires

Copper cladding involves lining walls with copper sheets or panels. It is a stunningly beautiful touch that can be added both indoors and out. The designer can be as creative as they like, using different shapes and finishes. Copper cladding is lightweight, won’t rust or corrode and is resistant to wind, water and most weather. Copper can be installed flat, formed in curves or waves, or embossed with patterns, among other options, creating stunning looks indoors and out.

Copper domes and spires are seen around the world, gracing buildings with unique beauty and form that in some cases have faced skyward for centuries. Copper domes and fixtures are the work of highly skilled craftsmen who have mastered the art of measuring, forming and connecting the copper panels to create beautiful additions that give a building a classic, timeless look.


Building owners may desire any of a number of unique copper fixtures to build a copper theme throughout the property. Copper is a great choice for custom roofing and other architectural features because it can be easily formed into shapes and fit into other architectural elements with ease.

Copper Interiors

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Copper is a high quality addition to indoor environments. In addition to its natural beauty and durability, it is antimicrobial, fire resistant, lightweight, and free from volatile gasses. Because of these healthful features, it is popular for use in hospitals and public buildings. In addition to gracing porticos, entryways, interior walls and other decorative features, copper is used for countertops and in bath and kitchen appliances.

Green buildings use copper for its thermal efficiency, lowering the cost of heating and cooling, and because it is highly durable for a long service life. Copper satisfies LEED green building standards because it is a recyclable material. Homeowners who install copper roofing also benefit from copper’s ability to reflect the heat of the sun, lowering energy costs.

Copper Roofing Specialists in Las Vegas


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