Thermal Shock and Your Roof

The weather seems unable to make up its mind lately, wavering between humid thunderstorms and regular summer heat. We’ve already discussed the effects of rain and the effects of heat on your roof, now we’ll discuss the effects of both in succession.

What Exactly is Thermal Shock?

bigstock-Two-Men-Working-On-The-Roof-20982122Roofs go through something called “thermal shock,” from constant expansion and contraction due to heat and cooling, something you probably learned about in middle school science class. Your roof is built to withstand the day-to-day rigors of thermal shock, but after years of expanding and contracting, eventually your roofing materials wear out, with tiles no longer sitting flush against each other, gaps forming between the roof and your gutters or flashing, and seams splitting.

With the temperamental weather recently, your sun-proof roof is going through thermal shock on a daily basis, more than average for this time of year in Las Vegas. With that kind of rough treatment, any wear and tear on your roof is bound to be accelerated.

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