Roofing 101 (Part 2) – Hire the Right Roofers for the Job

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Building roof construction site teamwork silhouetteWe’ve already discussed picking affordable, quality roofing materials, emphasizing lifetime cost and reliability of construction. Now we will take a look at picking the right people for the job. Quality roofers are hard to come by- but if you know what to look for, picking the right roofers for the job is easier than you think. Residential roofing is a common specialty in Las Vegas, with many homes using Spanish tiles. If this is your type of roof, then make sure you choose a local roofing company that specializes in them.

Do your research, and consider your roofing professional for more than simply cost: if you’re following our Roofing 101 steps, then you’ve already paid for quality materials. Putting a roof over your head is usually a lengthy process, especially if the roof is part of a whole construction project. Even a basic roof repair or replacement can take a fair amount of time, and the steps involved make it worth paying special attention to who you hire.

Hiring Your Roofers

1. Licensed and Bonded: Is the roofing service you’re considering licensed, bonded, and insured? Professional roofers are required to have proper credentials in order to ply their trade, and checking to make sure your roofing company is legitimate is a big first step towards guaranteeing quality.

2. Referrals: Unless it’s a brand-new roofing company, the roofers you hire are bound to have referrals- customer reviews, assessments of their skill, testimonials, etc. These referrals will show you past customers’ experiences with the company, whether they get the promised results or if they go over-budget.

3. Meet face-to-face: While you can correspond with a business via email and phone, and sometimes it will work out fine, it is always better to meet your roofers face-to-face. You’d be surprised at how meeting a person and looking them in the eye can help you to judge their character and determine whether they will be reliable in business.

4. Permits: Your roofing company should provide the permits required for the job at hand. If your roofer insists on making you, the customer, then there may be something fishy about their operation.

5. You get what you pay for: Cheap roofers build cheap roofs. While you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get a quality roof over your head, if you’re paying considerably lower than you expect for a roofing project, you’re likely to get shoddy workmanship and a poor final product.

Prestige Roofing Las Vegas offers exceptional service at a fair price, and does everything from basic roof repair to full roofing on everything from celebrity mansions to small businesses. Make the right choice by choosing the best roofers in the Las Vegas and North Las Vegas areas. Call (702) 646-7536 for more information or visit our website for a free estimate today.