Protect Your Roof this Winter: Beware of Ice Dams and Leaks


Check your gutters and seal up the cracks, because winter is here and that spells doom for any roof lacking repair. It may normally be dry here in Las Vegas, but even in the desert it freezes, and low temperatures increase the risk for not only thermal shock on your roof, but ice dams and sudden leakage.

Las Vegas’ summer may have seen some of the hottest days on record, but this winter a cold front is expected, with records being broken on that end as well, and expected snows forecast through the winter season. With any sort of cold comes condensation, after all, there wouldn’t be snow or ice without water to freeze.

Ice Dams Can Cause Serious Damage to your Roof

bigstock-Frozen-Water-In-The-Gutter-39730363 (1)What’s all this mean for you? Risk for your roof is what it means! Ice dams build up from ice and snow building up over a long period of time, but when they happen, water will back up behind them, melting eventually and sinking into the cracks of your roof shingles, and eventually leaking into your home. You may notice brown water stains on your ceiling or walls, this is usually the first and only indication any homeowner gets that ice dams may be causing the roof to leak in the winter. One of the most common causes for ice dams is blocked gutters. Regular roof maintenance involves cleaning your gutters, and when clogged gutters stop water from draining from the roof, that condensation can build up and become a hazard waiting to happen.

It’s not too late to prevent such damage though. Roofing is a year-round business, and repairs can be done even in the dead of winter. Certain roofing materials are at greater risk from snow and ice- among these, slate and shingles have it the worst. Cool, dry weather is actually the perfect time for roofing work, so before the snowfall hits too hard, contact Prestige Roofing Las Vegas, Las Vegas’ best roofers, to fix your roof before the cold sets in. We fix any and all types of roof, any roofing materials from slate and stone tile to copper roofs and shingles. Call us at (702) 646-7536, or visit our website for a free estimate.