What is the Cost of a New Roof?

New gray slate roof in Las Vegas view from atop roof installed by Prestige Roofing

Need a new roof? Smart buyers want to know how much their new roof is going to cost before booking an appointment for an estimate. At the same time, estimating the cost of a new roof without having a seasoned professional come to your house can be a challenge. That’s simply because there are a multitude of factors that go into roof estimates.

Still, we understand the need to get oriented with the cost of a new roof. Up ahead, we’ve outlined some rough approximations to help you move forward. Before we get to those, however, let’s go over the most important factors that will influence the overall cost of your roof.

What is the Cost of a New Roof?

Huge luxury home with new tile roof in Henderson, Nevada

A number of factors will contribute to the overall cost of your roof.

Key Roof Cost Considerations

Size of Roof

While the average American roof is approximately 1,700 square feet, many roofs can be considerably larger or smaller than that. Of course, if you have a roof that is uniquely large, you can expect to pay more since pricing is calculated in part by square footage. Because of their smaller footprints, two story homes have smaller roofs, thus they may be less costly than a roof for a ranch-style home. With that said, the price of a small, two story house’s roof may end up equaling that of a single story home if the two story home is especially steep or difficult to access (see next point: Roof Design).

Roof Design

Your roofers will take a look at the angle of your roof and how easy it is to access the areas where they will need to work. The roofer will consider the slope and pitch of your roof in quoting your project. Roofs that are especially steep will require added safety measures and may also necessitate a higher pay rate for specially trained roofers or specialized equipment. Flatter roofs with little to no slope are easier to work with and that will be reflected in a lower cost.

Likewise, if your roof is hampered by buildings or trees that block it, this can increase roofing costs as well. It can be difficult for roofers to access the roofs of homes that are sandwiched between other buildings or when access is impeded by overhanging items, such as a balcony or a large tree branch. These projects require added planning and maneuvering, and they sometimes necessitate specialty equipment, all of which can add to the overall cost of your roof replacement.

Roofing Material

Clay roof tiles different in variety of color shades

An important factor in cost determination is the roofing material you select.  We’ve provided ranges you can expect for the most popular roofing materials. These costs of course are average ranges and your cost may be different. Due to the many factors involved, only an onsite inspection can provide a proper price quote for a roofing project.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt is the most popular material for roofs. It comes in a variety of styles and color shades to fit the design of your home and your taste. Additionally, asphalt tends to be the most affordable roofing material. It is man-made and relatively durable against the elements, pests, and water issues. While it does not last as long as tile or metal roofing, asphalt is versatile and cost effective. Today’s asphalt shingles come in a variety of styles and colors to add an attractive, clean look to your home. When installed by a quality roofing contractor, asphalt can be expected to last 20-25 years. An asphalt roof replacement will cost roughly in the range of $6,000-$9,500.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing has a unique look, reminiscent of Mediterranean Italy and parts of Southern Spain and France. Roof tiles tend to be very durable and stand up well to the elements. Installed correctly, some tile roofs can last over a century, though the roof will inevitably require repairs. Tile roofs also tend to be relatively energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. They repel the heat of the sun, keeping the home cooler inside. And tile roofs are less susceptible to issues such as rot or pest infestation.

Tile roofs tend to be on the expensive side, in the range of $15,000-$30,000, but that cost is offset by the longevity of tile roofing relative to less costly materials, such as asphalt shingles. Tiles are not for all homes, however. Because tile is far heavier than other materials, it requires an extremely sound structure beneath in order to support the added weight.

Metal Roofing

Residential home with copper roof that is showing patina shade of green and brown Las Vegas home

Last, but certainly not least, is metal roofing.

Metal has become one of the most popular roofing materials in recent years, largely because of its longevity and environmental appeal. Metal is environmentally-friendly because it reflects the rays of the sun instead of absorbing the heat and light, thus lowering energy costs for cooling the home. Additionally, a high-quality metal roof can last 50 years or more.

Copper roofs are exceptionally durable as well as beautiful. Since copper is malleable and can be formed into almost any shape, a copper roof can be customized to add a unique touch to your home. A natural material, copper doesn’t rust or break down, but will develop a patina over time that gives the roof a classic look. The cost of a copper roof is on the high end, but, if properly installed by a roofer skilled in metal roofing, copper can last up to 100 years with little repair or maintenance required.

An average sized new metal roof will cost in the range of $15,000-$40,000, depending on the type of metal (tin the least costly, long-lived custom copper being on the higher end), and the size and style of the roof. 

Slate Roof

A slate roof adds the traditional, stately look of natural stone to your home. While it is more complex to install, slate roofing is durable and will last 75 years or more when properly installed by experienced professional roofers. Slate roofing is environmentally friendly and low maintenance.  A slate roof will cost in the rage of $15,000-$25,000 for an average-sized roof.

Other Cost Factors

There are of course other factors that your roofer will consider. For example, the general condition and age of the home and roof, and any damage to the frame such as water damage, insects, mold, cracks or buckling must also be determined. The job will require retrofitting the home before installing the roofing material in those cases.  You may wish to add functional or decorative roof fixtures such as rain gutters, skylights, louvered vents, cupolas or other features. And of course you will have a wide choice of roof materials by a number of roofing material manufacturers offering different product styles, colors, durability and warranties. Your selection will affect the cost of your project. Your roofer can walk you through the choices and explain the pros and cons of various selections to help you make the best choice.

From Roofing Estimate to Exact Pricing

Your roof is a big part of the value of your home. Its job is to protect the home from damage due to the weather.  So when it’s time to replace your roof, be sure whoever you choose is a licensed professional roofer. Hiring a roofer who lacks proper licensing or insurance can cost you later if the roof is faulty and ends up with expensive damage. They may use poor materials or incorrect installation methods that can lead to water leaks and other costly damage to your roof.

A quick way to know that you might be dealing with a bad roofer is receiving a “too-good-to-be-true” estimate. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Your quote should be fair and itemize everything that is included in your purchase, including labor and materials. Extremely low quotes are red flags. Get two to three good quotes from reputable roofers in your area, and choose the roofer who feels right to you, professional and reliable, easy to work with, and offering a fair price for your project.  Look for reputable roofers who also offer free on-site estimates to get started on your search.

As a final note, keep in mind that only an appointment with a roofing professional can give you an exact price for your new roof. To that end, make sure to locate a roofer in the Las Vegas area who is licensed, insured, and highly qualified at installing the type of roof you’re in the market for.

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