12 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Roofer

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Key Considerations When Hiring a Commercial Roofer

Since 1996, Prestige Roofing has served clients throughout the Las Vegas Valley, providing both residential and commercial roofing services. Among our portfolio of professional commercial roofing clients are retail, schools, hotels and casinos and the military. We take pride in working both independently or with the client’s project management team, always delivering high quality roofing projects using quality materials installed with professional care and attention to our commercial clients’ needs and budget.

picture of custom made commercial roofThrough the years we’ve learned what it takes to achieve a great roofing project result that meets and exceeds our client’s expectations, stays within their budget and is completed on time. We’d like to share some things with you that we think a business owner should look for when hiring a commercial roofer for their roofing project.

Questions to ask a Commercial Roofer before hiring

Whether it’s a large commercial roofing project or a small one, a new roof, a re-roof or a roof repair, here are a dozen things to consider when looking for a quality professional commercial roofer for your project:

  1. Qualifications: Is the roofer licensed?  How long has he been in business?  Does he carry both general liability and workers’ comp insurance?
  2. Reputation: Does he have a good BBB record? Does he have a track record of working well with construction firms, project managers and executives as well as small business owners?
  3. References: Can he provide you with several high quality local references who will answer some of these questions about his work?  Our dozen questions are good ones to pose to any references you talk to.
  4. Communications: Does the roofer ask appropriate questions before preparing his proposal? Is he easy to reach and does he explain things well? Does he make frequent visits to the worksite and stay on top of progress and address any issues that come up?
  5. Proposal: Does he supply a written and detailed estimate and does he explain it to you? Does your roofer carefully consider the intended use of the roof, such as: What is the weight-bearing load? Will it have foot traffic? Will it house HVAC systems,contain solar or other green features?
  6. Contract: Does he provide a detailed written contract, and is he willing to update it if changes need to be made? Does it make sense and does it fit your expectations and budget?
  7. Materials: does he use high quality materials or does he try to cut corners?  Does he give you a choice and explain the differences to you so you can decide?
  8. Building codes: Does the roofer demonstrate knowledge of local building codes and does he take care to comply with them and help handle any permitting issues on your behalf?
  9. Price: Is his bid suspiciously low? There’s probably a reason. Is it reasonable? Does he walk you through it and explain it to your satisfaction?
  10. Warranty and/or guarantee: What is his warranty on the roof, will he stand behind it and what is covered?
  11. Team: Who are his key team members? What are their qualifications? Do they have formal safety training (which indicates your roofer’s commitment to professionalism, to his team and to good business practices)?
  12. At the end: Will they recycle the old roofing materials? Does his team clean up the work area after the job is done?

It may seem a lot to think about, but hiring a good professional is the key to making your roofing project a success. If you need a commercial roofer for your project in Las Vegas or anywhere in Southern Nevada, we hope you will consider Prestige Roofing for your commercial roofing needs.