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Copper Roofing

photos of copper roof and siding project

If you are looking for beauty, style, and extreme durability and longevity, consider copper roofing.  Copper shares all the benefits of metal roofing, with added design versatility, beauty, and value.  Its malleability is perfect for custom buildings, covering irregular surfaces, or creating unique design features.

The Beauty of Copper Roofing

While traditional roofs degrade over time, copper roofs actually strengthen with age.  As copper ages, it forms what is known as a patina, an oxidized layer on the surface of the metal.  This inert layer halts any effects of the elements.  Natural copper starts out a bright gold, then turns to dark red, and eventually develops the green patina of mature copper.  This effect can be accelerated or slowed with some of today’s new materials.  The patina can add a beautiful, rich classic look to any building.

In addition to the beautiful colors of copper, copper’s flexibility and versatility mean it can be shaped and used in many different designs. It can even be made to mimic the look of tile or slate, or rounded and curved for a truly custom look.

Durable and Efficient

Copper roofing is highly durable and should last many decades with minor maintenance required.  As a metal, copper reflects the suns rays so it is very energy efficient, helping to keep your home cool in the summer.  Copper roofing is a sustainable material since it is 100% recyclable, and most roofing contains some portion of recycled copper.

Copper Roofing: A Wise Investment

Copper roofing is a long term investment in your home. Not only does it add beauty and value, it’s long term benefits include lower maintenance costs, longer life and more energy efficiency than traditional tile or shingle roofing.

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