Copper Roofs are Truly Special – Our Infographic Shows Why


Picture of luxurious home with roof services and fixtures by prestige roofingWhile we provide many roofing products and services to our Las Vegas, Henderson and Southern Nevada clients, one of our specialties at Prestige Roofing is metal roofing and, in particular, the copper roof. A copper roof is indeed special and a thing of beauty. Some of our installations have been for famous Las Vegans who wanted to complement their elegant home designs with the smooth and gleaming beauty of a custom crafted copper roof and roofing fixtures. You can see a selection of our local copper roofing projects in our photo gallery.


What may surprise some though is that, in addition to their beautiful texture and color and their unique custom look, a copper roof is very practical as well. They are highly durable, low maintenance and also very energy efficient. We’ve created this infographic to celebrate some of the wonderful qualities of the copper roof. Please enjoy it and share it with friends.

Advantages of a Copper Roof [Infographic]

Infographic on the advantages and qualities of copper roofing