Roof Cleaning is a Regular Part of Roof Care

picture of a clean new residential roof

It’s smart thinking to wonder if you’re providing the right care and maintenance for your roof.  After all, it’s the most important barrier between your home and family and the weather. Neglecting your roof can lead to creeping damage that may be expensive to repair and could cause loss of personal property from intrusion of water and mold. Doing at least an annual cleaning and inspection will go a long way to prevent long-term issues with your roof. A clean, well-maintained roof will add years to its life and value to your home.

Cleaning and Inspecting Your Roof

Man repairing rain gutter system on a house

The most common task involved in roof cleaning is removing debris from rain gutters to allow rainwater to flow through the roof drainage system as designed, and help prevent water damage to the exterior and interior of your home. Gutter cleaning is a great time for a general health inspection of your roof. The best times to do an inspection are during spring and fall as the seasons change.

If possible, use a ladder to work on clearing your rain gutters. As you work, carry out a good visual inspection of as much of the roof as you can see. Judge the condition of shingles, downspouts, gutters, and skylights. Take note of any dark stains or discolorations, such as water stains. These are possible signs of water infiltration or areas that may need further inspection and repair.

Here are a few things to include in your spring and fall cleaning and inspection:

  • Clear and test gutters and downspouts. Use a broom, gloves or other light tool to clean out debris from these important systems that direct water away and off your roof. The roof valleys and the roof’s intentional slope are designed to direct rainwater from the roof to the gutter system. When debris accumulates on your rooftop, the entire system is affected. Loose or broken gutters and downspouts need to be repaired so that they do not misdirect rainwater and cause damage to your home.

Broken rain gutter on metal tile roof in need of repairs

  • Trim back trees and bushes. A semi-annual plant trimming will help avoid roof damage and damage to your plants. Cut tree limbs and large bushes back at least 1-2 feet from your house, and keep them far from your rain gutters to reduce clutter. Keep climbing plants off your walls and roof. They can infiltrate drainage systems and hide water damage and rot. Be sure to remove all dead branches from your trees before they become a hazard. If a tree is in poor health, have it removed to avoid it falling on your home during a storm. When in doubt, contact an arborist for an expert opinion.

House with a fallen tree on the damaged roof due to a tornado or hurricane

    • Check for clogged or blocked vents. To be sure your ventilation systems are working properly. Visually inspect roof vents and fixtures, which come in many types and shapes. Don’t forget to inspect flat soffit vents which may be located vertically on the side of the house or horizontally under the eaves of your roof.  If the openings on roof vents are blocked, your roof may be accumulating moisture inside the roof and attic that can result in warping, rotting or moldy eaves, roofing or walls. Left year after year, this accumulated moisture can result in major repair costs or even require reroofing.


  • Look for loose, bent or broken flashing. Flashing is the metal material used to close gaps between roofing components, usually along the ridge of the roof, around the edge of chimneys, vents and other roof fixtures, or along the eaves and gutters. Flashing serves to weatherproof these joints, making your roof fully resistant to wind and water intrusion. Any that are not functioning properly should be repaired to avoid further damage in high winds, rain or other severe weather. Some flashing can be easily secured back in place, but it’s best to have a roofer do the work as misplaced flashing or incorrectly placed nails can result in severe leakage or other problems.

Of course, if your home is two stories (or more), seeing your rooftop from a ladder may not be possible. Or, your home may not even have a gutter system if it was built with slope high enough to drain water away. This is typical in the desert Southwest. If you don’t or can’t regularly work around your roof, build a relationship with a local roofer who will do an affordable annual inspection for you. This could save you thousands in “surprise” repairs down the road.

Things to Remember When Cleaning your Roof

After you remove debris from the gutters, test the system using your water hose (don’t use the hose to clear packed gutters – you may end up just clogging the drainage system). Run the hose across the roof to simulate rain. Check that all the water is flowing into the gutters and that they, and the downspouts, are clear and functioning. There should be no water pooling on top of your roof.

Still dirty? If your roof appears to need more than just a hose-cleaning, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Roofing materials will begin to look weathered over time. Look for areas that appear moist or warped, rather than just aged or weathered. Long-term, localized moisture is your roof’s enemy and should be investigated.


    • If moss, algae or related unattractive stains are a problem, most roofs can be gently cleaned with a biodegradable chemical cleaner to discourage moss growth and help extend the life of asphalt shingles. They can be cleaned by the homeowner using regular household items.  Note that installing copper or zinc flashing can also help to reduce moss and algae as they naturally contain antifungal elements which wash down the roof and protect it from these growths. Algae stains are common in humid parts of the country but not common in the Southwest.


    • Some roofing materials may have a manufacturer’s clause regarding regular cleaning or maintenance. Keep your warranty effective by following their guidelines.


  • Modern roofing materials, such as CeDUR shake roofing, are available and offer improved durability, weather-resistance and longer life. Many newer materials are resistant to mold, mildew, moss and algae. Metal roofing, for example, has a long life, needs little maintenance and naturally resists the growth of mold, moss and algae. Be sure to ask about maintenance and durability of your roofing materials whenever you select a new or replacement roof.

CeDUR roofing modern fire resistant shake roof newly installed

    • In hot, dry climates like Las Vegas, sun and wind can do a lot of damage over the years. If you have an asphalt roof, look for dried, cracked, warped or bent shingles and have those replaced. Asphalt roofs last 15-25 years in the desert and damage will worsen over time as the roof ages. Tile and metal roofing are highly durable choices for the desert, but it’s still a good idea to carry out a visual inspection in case other problems crop up, such as damage caused by falling tree branches or high winds.


  • It’s important to remember that roof work is dangerous and work that requires climbing onto the roof should only be attempted with the right safety equipment and with knowledge of how to avoid damaging your roof, as even roof inspectors know. The best solution to roof care is to partner with a professional roofing service that provides scheduled inspections and regular maintenance programs to help you protect your investment.

Avoid Pressure Washing your Roof

Some companies offer to pressure wash your roof, promising to make it look new.  Unfortunately, pressure washing may cause a lot of damage, particularly to roofs like asphalt or tile where components can easily be pushed out of place by the strong spray. Spraying pressurized water from the edge of the roof line (against the lay of the roof tiles) can cause uplifting or force water underneath the tiles. Pressure washing will simply cost you more money in the long run, with potential damage to the roof’s substructure.

If you roof needs washing, hire a company that will use a biodegradable cleaning solution (you don’t want dangerous chemical damage to your plants or have it wash into the sewer system) with regular water pressure only.

Prestige Roofing Takes Care of All Kinds of Roofs

As a longtime quality roofer in Las Vegas, Prestige Roofing also provides roof cleaning, inspection, repair and maintenance services for all types of roofs. If you would like more information on caring for your roof or to schedule a free estimate on any of our services, give us a call or contact us.

Historic Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) with copper domes copper roof and copper statues

Historic Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)

Copper has been prized as a roofing material by architects for hundreds of years. Once copper changes color from brass to its prestigious green patina — think of the Statue of Liberty — it actually becomes more durable. The oxide-sulfate coating on the outer surface of copper makes it especially resistant to corrosion in most environments. Tests were conducted on 18th century copper roofs in Europe and the tests found that copper roofing can last approximately 1,000 years (at least in theory).

A dome-shaped roof is an architectural style that has been around for thousands of years. One of the most important Buddhist sites in India, the Great Stupa at Sanchi, was built in the 3rd century B.C.E. The dome structure is incredibly durable as well, as its shape lends itself to wind resistance. Dome homes are popping up along the Gulf and East coast in hurricane zones as a defense against the damage those storms can deliver.

In other words, dome-shaped roofs and copper domes are an enduring form of architecture sure to be around for a long time.  Here is a closer look at some old and new copper domes and roofs around the world.

Berlin Cathedral Church (Berliner Dom)

Berliner Dom showing bright patina copper domes and Fernsehturm in front of blue sky

While it is not a cathedral in the technical sense (a bishop has never been seated there), the Berlin Cathedral Church, or Berliner Dom, is one of the most majestic buildings in Germany. On a site continually occupied by a church since 1465, the current building was completed in 1905. Built in an ornate Renaissance style after St. Peter’s in Rome, it has five copper domes and several copper statues, all of which are a beautiful patina green. The Berlin Cathedral underwent extensive restoration after World War II. It can be visited on Museum Island in the Mitte borough.

Macon City Auditorium

The Macon City Auditorium in Macon, Georgia is actually the largest copper-domed roof in the world. It was completed in 1925 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The circular assembly hall is approximately the same size as the Pantheon in Rome, making it a truly incredible structure. A beautiful mural inside the auditorium captures four centuries of history of the Macon area. Today, it’s a busy cultural center, hosting music, theater and other events for local residents and tourists.

Wales Millenium Centre

The Millenium Centre Cardiff Bay in sun with copper roof reflecting light

The dome on the Wales Millenium Centre is actually constructed from steel. The architect wanted the dome to maintain its bronze color throughout its lifespan, so he went with steel that had been treated with copper oxide. The Millenium Centre is an arts center with a main concert hall and two smaller halls which house restaurants and shops. The entire Centre covers 4.7 acres in Cardiff, Wales.

The Rotunda at UVA

The Rotunda at the University of Virginia was designed by Thomas Jefferson. It has a 77-foot domed copper roof and Jefferson designed it to represent “the authority of nature and the power of reason.” The Rotunda’s construction began in 1822 but was not completed until shortly after Jefferson’s death in 1826. Jefferson toyed with the idea of designing the interior of the Rotunda dome as the first planetarium in the United States, but that idea was abandoned.

Temppeliaukio Kirkko, The Helsinki Rock Church

Temppeliaukio rock church famous modern architecture landmark interior in helsinki finland

It is difficult to even find words to describe the Temppeliaukio Church, also known as the Church of the Rock, located in Helsinki, Finland. The church was literally carved out of solid rock. A skylight framework holds up the massive copper dome roof. Due to the rock walls and the copper dome, the acoustics provided are incredible and the church is often used for musical performances. The Temppeliaukio Church is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Finland. Its construction had to be completed in stages over several decades due to the interruption of World War II. When you consider this unique building and its dome, think about this:  The design was actually scaled back to one-fourth of its original planned size!

Belvedere Palace, Vienna

Upper Belvedere Palace beautiful baroque palace with copper roofing Vienna Austria

The copper roof of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna has been in place for some 300 years now, which once again speaks to the durability of copper as a roofing material. It was built in the early 1700s as the palace for the ruling Habsburg Dynasty. The Belvedere Palace has a copper roof that includes four copper domes at each of the roof’s corners.

The Academic Building – Texas A&M University

The Main Building at Texas A&M, known as “Old Main,” burned down in 1912 and was replaced with the Academic Building which still stands today. Inside the building you’ll find a replica of the Liberty Bell. On the outside, the most noticeable feature is, of course, the patina-green dome. The dome of the Academic Building actually features in one of the most time-honored traditions at Texas A&M. A ceremony is held to pay tribute to a passing current student in which a variation of Taps, called Silver Taps, is played from the dome.

Nevada Supreme Court Building Copper Dome, Las Vegas

View from below copper cupola spire and lady justice statue Nevada Supreme Court in Las Vegas

Prestige Roofing is proud to have built the new copper dome for the Nevada Supreme Court Building in 2016. To add dignity and grandeur to the copper dome atop this important seat of justice for Nevada, the shiny new dome was finished to a protective green patina with a treatment that accelerates the oxidation process that otherwise occurs naturally over time. Prestige is proud to think that Nevadans will be able to enjoy the classic beauty of this dome for many years to come.

Prestige Roofing specializes in quality copper roofing, as well as a range of quality new roof and roof restoration services. Contact us for help with your roofing needs.


Need Roof Repair or a New Roof? Hire a Professional Roofer

Roofers on curved roof

The roof of your house protects what may be your biggest investment – your home. Not only do you take pride in your property, your roof protects your family, your pets, your belongings, even your favorite car. The good thing is, most roofs do their work quietly and without incident for years, even decades. But, even the toughest of roofs will eventually need some TLC.

How long does a roof last?

How long your roof lasts is partly related to what kind of roof you have. But the most important factor is the quality of the roofing installation. The best and most durable roofing materials in the world will still fail if installed incorrectly. Roof work done by untrained roofers may cause more damage than it repairs, and can be a very expensive lesson for consumers to learn.

roofing maintenance leaves in roof gutter

Installed and maintained correctly, roofs typically last from 20-80 years.  Here are some general guidelines:

  • Slate 75-100 years
  • Copper and Metal 50-100 years
  • Tile  50-70 years
  • Wood shakes 30-50 years
  • Asphalt tiles – 20-30 years
  • Flat roofing -20-30 years

But, remember, no matter how sturdy the roof material you choose may be, your roof will only be as good as your roof installation. Mistakes like miscalculating the proper slope of the roof that controls the effect of rain runoff, for example, can lead to costly repairs. Unqualified roofers may not secure flashing correctly, or not nail the roof components in the proper places, allowing tiles to loosen or fall off in wind. They may fail to provide correct ventilation, leading to moisture retention under the roof that weakens your roof over time and can damage your home. Misaligning tiles or incorrect shingle overhang are common mistake of do-it-yourself-ers and amateur roofers and allow the roof to fail in wind, rain, ice or snow events. Basically, proper roof installation is a meticulous process that must be done correctly from start to finish so  that your roof is able to carry out its main job – protect your home from damage – for a very long time.

Only a trained, professional roofer can provide the skill and quality processes that are needed to do this job correctly. It’s a small investment up front to save you potentially many thousands of dollars of damage and repairs down the road.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing only a professional roofer:

Professional Residential Roofers Provide Quality Workmanship and Materials


Quality roofing requires the right materials, parts and tools to do the job right. Prestige Roofing has been providing residential roofing services in the Las Vegas area for more than two decades. We’ve developed a network of relationships with quality materials and parts suppliers and manufacturers. They provide us with the best roofing materials like sparkling copper panels, CeDur shakes and tiles in a broad range of materials, styles and colors, including reclaimed, naturally-aged and refurbished European ceramic tiles.

Ask About Roofing Company Insurance

Although an injury, error or accident is less likely to occur when a professional residential roofer is performing an inspection and/or repairs, a professional roofer maintains insurance coverage to protect themselves, their employees, and you and your home and property. A good residential roofer carries adequate insurance coverage so that any claims that do happen will be resolved fairly, quickly and professionally. Always ask your roofer for proof of insurance to avoid what can become a costly mistake if something does go wrong.

Pro Roofers Have Safety Training and Proper Equipment

Professional roofing companies invest in worker safety training, such as OSHA safety classes, and provide proper safety equipment to all workers to protect them from slips, falls or other accidents. When workers are aware of proper safety techniques, such as positioning and attaching themselves correctly to your roof and trained in proper tool use, the possibility of accidental damage and injury is greatly reduced. Even if you have homeowner’s insurance, avoid unnecessary worker injuries on your property by hiring professional roofers who have received safety training.

Ask for Tile Roofing Institute (TRI) Certified Installers

Tile Roofing Institute TRI Certified Installer logo

Tile roofing is the standard in Southern Nevada. It stands up well to the hot summer sun of the Southwest. Correctly installed, it will last many decades. Prestige Roofing’s commercial and residential tile roofers are certified by the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI). They have met the requirements set forth by TRI so that we know that every tile roof installation or repair we do is done correctly and to the highest standards.

Don’t Skip Regular Roof Inspection and Minor Repairs

Your professional residential roofer can provide regular inspections or perform minor repairs, such as after heavy rains, snow or wind, that can save you thousands of dollars. He is trained to look for minor issues such as loose or broken tiles, clogged rain gutters, loose flashing or other issues that, left unattended, can allow moisture, mold and rot that can cause expensive damage over time. Trust a professional roofer to care for your roof and you will be able to extend its life and save money in the long term.

Avoid Fly-by-Night Roofers after Weather Events

Sometimes, particularly after a big local weather event, amateur residential roofers flock to the area offering homeowners cheap roof repairs. While these offers may sound good, keep in mind that scammers abound and inexperienced roofing contractors from outside the area may not provide quality materials and professional work. Fly-by-night residential roofers are less likely to offer you a warranty, and may not be licensed or have adequate insurance coverage. Select a roofer who has a good track record in your community. These roofers will stand behind their work and do the job right.

Hire only Professional Residential Roofers to Care for Your Roof

Prestige Roofing new building on Bunkerhill in North Las Vegas

Besides providing you with peace of mind, replacing your home’s old roof can substantially increase its value. If you plan to put your home on the market, you may want to consider hiring a professional residential roofer to replace your aging roof. Even if you are staying put, enjoy the beauty and security of a new roof, or keep your current roof in good condition with regular care by a professional residential roofer. Give Prestige Roofing in Las Vegas a call if you have any questions about your roof or for a free inspection and estimate for your roofing project.

Decorative Archway on Copper Roof desplaying green copper patinaA well-designed copper roof adds a special beauty to any building. Copper roofing and fixtures represent one of the best investments you can make whether you’re looking to improve the resale value of your home, add more glamour to your place of business, or give any structure real eye catching appeal.

Beyond the copper roof’s beauty, style and function, the sheer durability of copper alone makes it a worthwhile addition to any building project. A copper roof will last 50 to 100 years, is low maintenance and weather-resistant, and at the end if its life the metal is recyclable, making it a smart investment in durability and sustainability.

Copper only gets better with age as its surface transforms into a rich patina, taking on the timeless, rich look of the classic roofing material used on many great buildings around the world. The glowing shimmer of new copper and the dignified allure of weathered copper will add grace and character to any building for decades to come.

Style and Function with Copper Roof Fixtures

Copper is a malleable metal and perfect for molding into curved designs and custom fixtures that make your copper roof project unique and the result a work of art. Each copper roof is a unique project and can be enhanced with functional and decorative fixtures that add even more beauty to the project.  Copper fixtures come in a variety of types and forms. Here are some that you might consider adding to your copper roof project:

View from below copper cupola spire and lady justice statue Nevada Supreme Court in Las VegasCrowning Copper Cupolas

The preeminent utilization of copper in roofing fixtures, cupolas deliver grace, elegance, and style to any building. They bring with them great cultural significance while adding immeasurable curb appeal to a home or office. Cupolas are naturally sturdy and will add significantly to the durability of the complex structures they adorn.

Decorative Copper Dormers

These distinctive copper roof fixtures are the products of serious craftsmen who labor for years to master their art. These handsomely crafted exterior components add immeasurable class and character to a building while protecting sensitive underlying structural components from the elements. Commercial dormers are less artistic but attractive and functional additions to the copper roof, adding height and visual interest.

Peak of a gazebo with a copper spireCopper Cornices

Add beautiful accents which enhance the architectural effect of a structure with copper cornices, or decorative roof edging. This prominent feature adds structural integrity and beauty to any building by protecting the most vulnerable parts of a roof, gracefully directing rain and snow away from the building. Cornices add visual heft and solidity to the roof, giving the building a stronger profile.

Copper Finials & Spires

Nothing spells distinction like a well-placed decorative spire or finial. These stylish finishing touches contribute a sense of culture and heritage to any building. They may come in a variety of metals depending on your design needs and can be even modified to function as a lightning rod.

Copper Rain Gutters

Replace ordinary and inferior drain gutters with a beautiful copper gutter system. Copper gutters are stronger, better able to direct water away from the perimeter.  Made of durable copper, they last longer copper rain gutter on tile roof homethan ordinary gutters and downspouts. They add an attractive look to the exterior walls and roof line of the home, offering the discriminating designer a way to adorn all the edges of the rooftop with a beautiful copper finishing touch.

Copper Louvers, Soffits, & Vents

These functional, practical, and handsome fixtures offer improved ventilation and admit natural light into areas that might be difficult to illuminate and vent naturally in other ways. These come in a range of styles and also offer valuable protection to a part of a building where vermin and moisture might otherwise do a great deal of damage.

Copper Roof Panels

The workhorse of any copper roofing fixture arrangement, copper roof panels fully cover and seal the rooftop away from rain, snow, sleet, wind, falling debris and other natural threats to the integrity of your rooftop. They can be made to fit nearly any type of roof and come in a range of standard shapes and types. There is no other roofing system that will impart the same high degree of extremely long-lasting structural integrity and beauty as copper roof panels. Copper panels may be used to adorn and protect custom entryways and can be fitted to almost any corner, entryway or archway to create a portal of unique beauty and design.

copper fixture decorative custom copper overhang on luxury home front entryway

Copper Coil & Copper Sheeting

The basic component of most copper roofing fixtures, pre-production copper sheet and coil is a good choice for architects, designers, and contractors, experienced in working with this fine material to create custom fixtures to suit an unusual structural element or to create an entirely unique design that simply cannot be found prefabricated.

Copper Roofing Specialist

Prestige Roofing specializes in providing custom copper roofing for clients in Southern Nevada and nearby locations, including communities in Arizona and Utah. Our highly skilled copper artists prepare custom designed copper panels and fixtures in our advanced sheet metal facility.  Our most recent public project was fabricating and installing the decorative copper cupola on the new Nevada Supreme Court Building in Downtown Las Vegas in 2016. For more examples of our work with copper, visit our image gallery.

Let our expert copper roofing team craft, deliver and install your beautiful copper fixture or roof. Your copper roof will be energy-efficient and provide years of service and enjoyment. Contact Prestige Roofing for more information on copper roofing and fixtures today.


copper rain gutter on wall of luxuyr home with new copper roofing

Add Beauty and Value with Copper Rain Gutters

Although we tend to think of gutters in purely functional terms—as a way to control rainwater and protect the areas directly under a roof’s dripline—gutters and other roofing fixtures, like trim, chimneys and ornamental accents, also add aesthetic touches.  Copper gutters and fixtures add distinctive highlights, adding not only their own color and beauty to the home, but also outlining roof lines and drawing out architectural details. As a result, gutters and fixtures can naturally enhance the exterior look of a home. When considering gutters and fixtures that are both functional and attractive, few materials enhance the beauty and aesthetics of a home like copper. Even more appreciated today for its many qualities, copper has long been a popular choice for homeowners and architects around the world looking for distinctive beauty, durability and energy efficiency.

Copper’s Rich History

antique copper utensils copper cups pots candlestick jugWhy copper?  Copper’s story goes back a long way as this versatile material was one of the first metals that humankind mastered. Humans have used copper for over 10,000 years. Its early use was mainly for jewelry, weapons, dishes and drinkware. Because copper is malleable, it is easily worked. It is also durable, retaining its integrity and strength over time. When combined with other metals, copper can forms other strong and valuable alloys, like bronze and brass. Copper resists rust; instead, newly worked copper begins with its shiny golden color and develops a natural patina over time, changing to a brilliant, beautiful green. Throughout the transformation, copper resists corrosion. It’s also reflective and so is highly energy efficient. These characteristics—color, malleability, durability, longevity and energy efficiency —make copper a natural choice for objects of beauty and utility. Because copper, brass, and bronze are durable, many elegant artifacts have survived from antiquity, including classic bronze statues from ancient Greece.  And we all know the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France, that stands, beautifully green and timeless on Liberty Island in New York harbor.

Statue Of Liberty - Manhattan - Liberty Island - New York

Copper roofing is a long-standing use of copper. Copper protects homes and graces decorative domes on famous public, institutional and religious buildings from the Middle East to Europe, and in Asia and the Americas. This newest copper cupola or dome locally was just installed in downtown Las Vegas on the new Nevada Supreme Court building, another elegant representation of a people’s commitment to a long future of democracy and justice.

Copper Gutters and Fixtures: A Sensible Choice

Decorative Archway on Copper Roof desplaying green copper patinaIn addition to the rich history and diverse uses of copper, its many attributes make copper an excellent material for creating beautiful and durable roofs as well as rain gutters and roof fixtures. Because copper is lightweight, it is easy to transport, lift, and handle. Gutters and fixtures made of copper can last 100 years, and when they reach the end of their useful lifespan, the gutters and fixtures are 100% recyclable, making copper a sound environmental choice. Copper gutters and fixtures may include some recycled copper, providing the same quality as the newly mined metal, but with less environmental impact.

When properly installed, copper gutters and fixtures are structurally durable and need little maintenance. Installers solder gutter components together, ensuring a sturdy, metal system that is resistant to wind and storms. If copper gutters are not subject to falling leaf litter or pine needle debris from overhanging trees, the gutters may require little or no maintenance, particularly in the dry desert climate of Las Vegas. Copper does not rust or decay like aluminum or steel. Instead, the copper components will gracefully develop a mature patina, adding classic beauty and appeal to your home, while continuing to protect your building and grounds from water runoff.

Copper Gutters and Fixtures: A Beautiful Choice

copper rain gutter on tile roof home

Using copper for your gutters and fixtures yields a benefit that you will enjoy every day. The aesthetic appeal of copper gutters and fixtures is stunning—a feature that contributes to long-term appreciation in your home’s value. Whether applied to homes with roofs made of slate, tile, copper, or some other metal, copper gutters offer a visual accent that highlights and enhances your home’s roof line, while visually connecting the roof to the ground. When you add copper fixtures to window or door trim, or to the roofs and trim of a nearby structure like a gazebo or deck, the visual tie between roof line, gutter system, and fixtures produces unity and harmony, tying the architectural elements of your home together. This feature will immediately strike visitors—and potential buyers—as a point of interest, and copper’s natural progression from a golden sheen to a sublime green patina ensures that year after year your fixtures and gutters will remain attractive and compelling.

If you would like to explore how copper gutters and fixtures can enhance the beauty of your home and contribute to its long-term value, please contact us or call us at 702-646-7536 for more information.