Check your gutters and seal up the cracks, because winter is here and that spells doom for any roof lacking repair. It may normally be dry here in Las Vegas, but even in the desert it freezes, and low temperatures increase the risk for not only thermal shock on your roof, but ice dams and sudden leakage.

Las Vegas’ summer may have seen some of the hottest days on record, but this winter a cold front is expected, with records being broken on that end as well, and expected snows forecast through the winter season. With any sort of cold comes condensation, after all, there wouldn’t be snow or ice without water to freeze.

Ice Dams Can Cause Serious Damage to your Roof

bigstock-Frozen-Water-In-The-Gutter-39730363 (1)What’s all this mean for you? Risk for your roof is what it means! Ice dams build up from ice and snow building up over a long period of time, but when they happen, water will back up behind them, melting eventually and sinking into the cracks of your roof shingles, and eventually leaking into your home. You may notice brown water stains on your ceiling or walls, this is usually the first and only indication any homeowner gets that ice dams may be causing the roof to leak in the winter. One of the most common causes for ice dams is blocked gutters. Regular roof maintenance involves cleaning your gutters, and when clogged gutters stop water from draining from the roof, that condensation can build up and become a hazard waiting to happen.

It’s not too late to prevent such damage though. Roofing is a year-round business, and repairs can be done even in the dead of winter. Certain roofing materials are at greater risk from snow and ice- among these, slate and shingles have it the worst. Cool, dry weather is actually the perfect time for roofing work, so before the snowfall hits too hard, contact Prestige Roofing Las Vegas, Las Vegas’ best roofers, to fix your roof before the cold sets in. We fix any and all types of roof, any roofing materials from slate and stone tile to copper roofs and shingles. Call us at (702) 646-7536, or visit our website for a free estimate.

The weather seems unable to make up its mind lately, wavering between humid thunderstorms and regular summer heat. We’ve already discussed the effects of rain and the effects of heat on your roof, now we’ll discuss the effects of both in succession.

bigstock-Two-Men-Working-On-The-Roof-20982122Roofs go through something called “thermal shock,” from constant expansion and contraction due to heat and cooling, something you probably learned about in middle school science class. Your roof is built to withstand the day-to-day rigors of thermal shock, but after years of expanding and contracting, eventually your roofing materials wear out, with tiles no longer sitting flush against each other, gaps forming between the roof and your gutters or flashing, and seams splitting.

With the temperamental weather recently, your sun-proof roof is going through thermal shock on a daily basis, more than average for this time of year in Las Vegas. With that kind of rough treatment, any wear and tear on your roof is bound to be accelerated.

Prestige Roofing Las Vegas specializes in repair and reroofing projects, replacing your broken roof tiles, checking for seams and cracks, and even completely replacing your roof with new material. We cover everything from tiles and shingles to metal, copper, gutters, stucco walls and more. Don’t let the recent twists and turns in weather wreck your roof, get a free estimate with Prestige Roofing today by visiting us at www.prestigeroofinglv. com or call (702) 646-7536

We’re no strangers to sun in Las Vegas, which is why we at Prestige Roofing know that rain isn’t the only weather that can damage your roof. Most people only think of leaky roofs or shingles torn off by wind, but ultraviolet (UV) light, thermal shock, and constant exposure to grit and sand can do just as much damage.

August isn’t over yet, and while the hottest days of the summer are behind us, we still have another two months of 100 degrees or more. All that heat comes from sunlight, and sunlight means UV radiation. Ultraviolet light and hot weather speeds up the deterioration of roofing materials and sealing agents (asphalt, tar, etc.). The typical black shingle roof gets up to 160 degrees on a 100 degree day!

With all that heat, roof materials experience what we call “thermal shock,” expanding and contracting as they grow hotter or colder during the day. After many years of experiencing thermal shock on a daily basis, roof owners will notice their drains or gutters no longer line up with the edge of the roof, splitting along seems, or warping in shingles or tiles.

Many Las Vegas homeowners leave their roofs in neglect due to the common misconception that damage only comes from relatively rare rainfall. Neglect can be the most damaging factor of all, and can lead to severe problems when nasty weather does indeed hit. Our infographic below highlights what can happen when your roof is left to bake in the sun, and the result of poor maintenance. Don’t leave your roofing to the elements, call Prestige Roofing Las Vegas for roof repair at (702)646-7536 or visit for a free estimate.

Infographic of roof damage

It Can Even Happen Here

While the rest of the U.S. is in a heat wave, here in Las Vegas we’ve experienced unexpected rain! Our usual sunny skies are replaced with clouds and thunderclaps, which are set to last through summer. While the hot sun can be harmful to your roof in the summer, it is heavy rainfall that is the most damaging, particularly in arid regions where rain-proofing your home is usually the least of your worries. You could have a leaky roof before you know it.

These latest storms have come with high winds, which can tear shingles and tiles off your roof, especially if your roofing material is made of slate or asphalt shingles, ceramic, clay, or concrete tiles. Debris from these storms can crack, dent, or tear off portions of your roof, causing unsightly damage that requires fixing.

While missing tiles and broken shingles might be the most unsightly result of unexpected weather, leakage and runoff issues are the most damaging. Your roof is designed to be water resistant, not waterproof, and too much water on it at one time can cause leaking. If your roof is already damaged or has open areas where missing tiles once were, or where satellite dishes have been removed, these spots cause water to pool when it rains, which is often the start of a leak problem. Add to this water pooling because of clustered debris from the high winds, and you’ve got a recipe for rooftop disaster.

Prestige Roofing of Las Vegas can repair your rain-damaged roof, or prepare your roof for the coming winter when scattered thunderstorms and further rainfall is expected. We hand

close-up of weather-damaged shingles

If you don’t keep up on maintenance, your expensive tile roof can look like this

le roofing and repair services, gutter installation, and ongoing maintenance and preventative work to ensure your roof stays in peak condition year-round. With the rain far from gone this summer, make the right choice and call Prestige Roofing at (702)646-7536 or get a free estimate

Roof Repair or Re-roofing: that is the question…

roof repair or reroofing

Our roofs are always there for us, they protect us from all that is cold, wet, hot, dusty, or just plain unpleasant. Of course this means that one hardly takes the time to think about how a roof feels or its present condition; until, that is, some drastic misfortune happens to befall it.  We don’t tend to think much about our roofs unless there is either a gaping hole in it or tourists start asking for a tour of our historical home. While completely reroofing you home isn’t always the best choice for your roof, knowing when reroofing is the best option can save you money in the long run.

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), you should be having a biyearly inspection of your roof in order to keep an eye on its conditions.  The inspection doesn’t begin by taking out a ladder and climbing up to the roof; it actually begins inside on your own home, in your attic.  The roofing professional will take great care to check for:

  • 1. Signs of water damage or places where leakage can occur
  • 2. Areas where the roof deck is sagging
  • 3. Dark spots
  • 4. Daylight seeping into the attic

These are all signs that something may be wrong with your roof that could be remedied through a simple repair or potentially a reroofing.  In order to tell which could be the case, the roofing professional would have to proceed with an exterior inspection of your roof.  During the exterior inspection it is important to keep an eye out for:

  • 5. Shingles that are cracked, torn, missing, curling, rotting.
  • 6. Excessive amount of shingle granules in your gutters
  • 7. Loose materials or wear around chimneys, vents, or pipes.
  • 8. Gutters and downspouts that are securely attached and free of debris that can clog the spout and prevent water from flowing.
  • 9. Signs of molding (mold can grow within 24 hours of a leak)
  • 10. Vents from the bathroom and kitchen should lead outside, not be blocked off and ventilating into the attic.

Don’t jump to conclusions though, even if your house has several of these symptoms it doesn’t mean that a complete reroof is needed.  Roofs installed fewer than 15 years ago should be able to get away with a repair. The best way to know for sure is to have your house professionally inspected every six months, catching a simple roof repair problem can save you money in the long run as it can stop it from getting worse and having to reroof. Remember, reroofing is something that needs to be left to skilled professionals, although DIY has increased in popularity, when it comes to your roof, it’s best to leave it to professionals.

If reroofing is the only option for your roof, don’t waste anytime hoping to let the roof last as much as possible, doing so can cause further damages to your home and furniture. Remember that having a “solid roof over your head” is one of life’s necessities for a reason, take care of your roof and it will take care of you. A new roof adds to the value of your house, it is aesthetically pleasing and it also means you probably won’t need to be repairing it again for a while.  Roofing professionals such as Prestige Roofing can help you find the best materials and designs to really make your roof, gutters, chimney, and waterspouts look their best