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Skylights and other Roof Windows

Many homeowners consider adding roof windows or skylights to their homes to brighten up interior spaces and add value to the home. But these windows should be selected and installed with care to make sure they don’t end up causing costly damage to the home. Roof windows are stylish and versatile, but they also serve […]

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Selecting Rain Gutters for your Roof

Whether the roof of your home is made of shingles, tiles, copper or other roofing materials, your roof is your home’s primary defense against weather and the elements that can cause costly damage to your home and what’s inside it. Your roof has a safeguard against water intrusion, your rain gutter system. Installing reliable roof […]


What is Roof Pitch?

Roof pitch is the measure of the slant of your roof. It is one of the many important elements of your roof, and there’s good reason to understand its purpose and what it means for the health and safety of the roof over your head. Not long ago, the local news in Ellisburg, NY reported […]