The Amazing Advantages of Zinc Roofing

Corner of new zinc roof and zinc rain gutters on a house

With different metal roofing options on the market, it can be hard to decide which ones will fit your project and give you the protection and look you want. Metal roofs, including copper, zinc and steel are great roofing materials that provide you with decades of protection, are low maintenance and add beauty to your home. Zinc roofing is an increasingly popular roofing material for its beauty as well as its environmentally friendly properties. Zinc has been used on roofs for more than 150 years and has become a popular option in recent decades across the world for use in architectural design. This versatile metal can be formed into aesthetically pleasing lines and impressive shapes, providing an unlimited range of artistic design. Like copper roofing, zinc is extremely durable and easily moldable, making it a great option for those looking for a reliable roofing solution that also enhances the look of the home. When choosing the right roof for your roofing project, consider the benefits zinc roofing can bring to your home or commercial building.

Zinc Can Be Easily Shaped

Rounded zinc roof showing the aesthetic nature of zinc roofing

When added to a metal alloy, zinc increases the ductility and malleability of a metal panel, allowing it to be formed into different and unique shapes for a beautiful and unique roofline. Zinc can be used to make vaults and curves, and is a favorite among modern architectural designers. Shaping zinc does not affect its durability.

Corrosion, Rust, and Moisture Resistant

A quality roof will have resistance to rust and moisture to allow it to properly protect your home even in poor weather conditions. While many consumers believe that all metal is susceptible to rust, zinc is less reactive to water and is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes zinc the perfect option when building in a humid or high-moisture environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Zinc is a green building material, with many environmentally-friendly qualities. It starts with the production of zinc, which uses less energy as it has a lower melting point than other metals. Additionally, zinc is entirely recyclable, creating little waste when a zinc roof is replaced. During the recycling process, up to 95% of the initial energy content and the metal can be preserved. It can be completely recycled without losing quality or suffering degradation. It also has non-toxic runoff, which means the metal maintains a low toxicity level. Finally, zinc roofs are durable and last significantly longer than other roofing materials. If properly installed, a zinc roof can last for over a century.

It is Less Expensive to Transport

The materials used for zinc roofing are extremely lightweight. This makes transportation more manageable, cheaper and more energy efficient. This lightweight property combined with its durability also makes it an easier material to install.

Zinc Roofing Has the Ability to Self Repair

Zinc roofing on modern apartment condo building for hurricane protection

One of the many unique properties associated with zinc roofs is that over time, scratches, nicks, and mild environmental damage can self-repair, allowing the zinc roof to maintain a fresh and new appearance much longer. The patina, or protective layer that forms on zinc, called hydroxyl carbonate, not only blocks moisture and chemicals but, if nicked or scratched, will actually re-form and repair itself so the blemish goes away. This ability, when paired with its natural corrosion resistance, makes zinc the ideal option for more rugged environmental conditions. Zinc can resist a lot of damage and will need little repair throughout its life.

A Zinc Roof Adds Visual Appeal to any Building

Zinc roofs mesh high-quality durable materials with a unique style that can enhance the look of any home or building. You can use traditional seam panels to create a more classic look, or create a look that mimics modern metal tiles. When unmodified, zinc has a distinguished dark gray, metallic look which is beautiful itself. Zinc can be painted to create a unique color and style to fit your design. No matter what style of home or building, you can finish your look with an aesthetically pleasing zinc roof.

Prestige Roofing in Las Vegas is a Zinc Roofing Specialist

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