home decorated with Christmas lights on the roof and yard decorationsThe holidays are rapidly approaching and you may be thinking about your holiday light decor. Installing holiday lights and decorations to light up your home for all to enjoy is becoming more popular than ever.  Whole neighborhoods are lighting up with outdoor lights, from yard displays, to festooned trees, to lights all over the house exterior. Hanging those lights and decorations correctly is important for safety and to make sure the decorations hold up through any sort of winter weather or other holiday outdoor activities, like kids playing in the yard or snow shoveling.

After all, you don’t want this to happen to you, or your roof:


Prestige Roofing is happy to bring you some tips about holiday lights on your roof, so you don’t end up with a repair bill right before the holidays.

A Word about Roof Safety

Before you start any roof lighting project, always put safety first. No matter what your plan, it’s important to have a buddy on hand while you work – your partner or spouse, a trustworthy teenager,

a man at the top of a ladder adjusting the strands of exterior Christmas lights he is hanging on his house

friend or neighbor – to assist you. They can manage your tools and hand you supplies and decorations.  They can help you use the ladder safely by holding it in place. And, of course, if you do pull a “Griswald”, they are there to call for emergency help.

When mounting your ladder, you want to make sure it’s on level ground, securely in place. Have your helper spot you while you’re on the latter by holding the ladder to steady it.

Unless you are decorating the chimney or the ridge at the top of your roof, you should not need to walk on your roof,  which can be very dangerous and needs some knowledge as well as safety equipment. Great displays are ones people see from the street level, so it’s not really necessary to go above the eave line to have a beautifully decorated roof.

Any advice we give you here is just our opinion, of course, and we can’t take responsibility for your safety. If you do have to step on any portion of the roof surface, or even just in general for working from a ladder, where sturdy gym shoes that have a good grip and are easy on the roof surface. Our best advice, though, is, if you’re not used to working on a roof or ladder, and don’t have the proper safety equipment, hire an experienced, insured professional to install your roof decorations for you. You will get to supervise from the ground and focus on getting the design effect you’re looking for.

Check your Holiday Lights and Equipment

Christmas light strands on the eves of a homeAnother part of best safety practices with lights is to make sure that your strands are in good working order and that you have enough of them to cover the area you plan to illuminate. Of course, check and make sure they are all rated for outdoor use.

Draw up a plan to scale and add up the footage of holiday lights you have on hand. Lay the strands of lights out in your home a few days before you plan to install them. Look for any frayed wires that could be a fire hazard. Now’s a good time to replace broken or missing strands or bulbs. Promptly get rid of any strands that aren’t up to par, it’s not worth the risk.

Protect your Roof with Proper Installation of Holiday Lights

Before installing your lights on the roof, be sure to stock  up on plastic clips or hooks on hand for attaching the lights to the eaves or gutters. Unlike nails or metal hooks, plastic is less likely to damage the roof. Make sure you have outdoor extension cords where you need them. You can attach the light fountain and christmas lit house including lights defining driveway.strands to shingles, eaves or gutters.  Don’t hang anything heavy along with the lights as this can damage your roof components. If you find extremely loose gutters or fixtures, get them repaired before hanging lights on them, as they may further loosen or fall down during harsh winter weather, taking all the decorations with them.

Don’t use nails that will put holes in your roof. Structural integrity of the roof is vital because little holes can eventually lead to bigger holes and allow moisture to seep into the roof. Plastic lighting clips are a simple purchase and are very inexpensive. Most hardware stores carry these clips around their lighting and tree displays. You can also use plastic zip ties which will not harm your roof fixtures.  If you plan to put heavy displays on the roof (Santa and 8 reindeer?) be sure they are secured with something that doesn’t pierce the roof (such as storm-rated sandbags) so they don’t fall down and damage the roof (or a passerby) in a high wind.

Be Creative with your Holiday Roof Decorations

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, it’s time to have a little fun with your lights. Holiday light displays are more creative than ever, and there are many great ways to show your holiday spirit and even join the neighborhood competition. You can outline your roof with lights, and also add lights to windows, doors, porches, even trees and bushes (just keep far from any power lines). You may want that clean white lights-only look that really gives a pretty sparkle to your home. Or choose varied colors for a fun look, blinking or not blinking. Here are examples of the kinds of lights available as explained by DIY expert Bob Vila. To really make your decorations stand out, you can add music, oversized tree ornaments, or even animated lawn characters. Just don’t get too carried away!

After the Holidays

Have fun with your holiday decorations and enjoy them for as long as you (and the neighbors) want. Santa Claus in the chimney and sack of gifts on the roof with Christmas lightsOnce the holidays are over, make sure you are just as careful taking them down as you were putting them up. Don’t pull or yank on the strands to avoid damage to the components they are attached to. Don’t rush. Remove heavy items slowly and carefully to avoid accidents.

While you’re doing all this, if you do find any roof damage like  loose gutters, broken tiles, holes, leaks or other roof problems, give Prestige Roofing a call. Catching roof problems early can save you lots of money down the road and get your roof ready for next year’s (even bigger!) display.  Happy Holidays from the entire Prestige Roofing family.

Vintage Las Vegas home with aging shake roofingOne of the great things about being a Las Vegas roofer is being able to work on projects that reflect our community’s historic and sometimes colorful past. We’ve worked on many celebrity homes, some restored classic beauties and others completely new or remodeled, as well as landmark public buildings, like the new Nevada Supreme Court building in Las Vegas. But one recent project gave us a real sense of the history of Las Vegas in its mid-20th-century heyday, when the casinos rocked with swinging bands and crooners, and the locals spread out into new suburbs to occupy brand new, sprawling ranch-CeDUR shake roof replacement in Las Vegas on viintage ranch homestyle homes with seemingly endlessly large desert yards and driveways long enough to fit those really long cars everyone was driving.

Recently Prestige Roofing was commissioned to install a new roof on a vintage Las Vegas ranch style home, in a neighborhood that was home to many casino owners and entertainers. The son of the original owner is restoring the home for his mother and was insistent on maintaining the original look and feel of the home.

CeDUR Shakes: Perfect Choice for Vintage Las Vegas Roof Replacement

In keeping with the homeowner’s wish to retain its historic style, but also wanting to install a durable, trouble-free roof replacement that would both beautify and protect this vintage home, Prestige selected img_2180CeDUR Shake roofing for the project.  CeDUR was not only a perfect match for the original hand split cedar shakes, but it is also fireproof and a highly durable, weather-resistant and long-lasting roofing material. We have never seen a better match to a wood shake roof than we had with this project.

Our primary objective, of course, was to retain the home’s historic, retro styling. CeDUR was a perfect choice, not only exactly replicating the look of classic cedar shakes, but also because, among its many durable qualities, CeDUR’s state-of-the-art material is highly UV resistant, a great choice for our harsh desert sun. This beautiful look will last longer than if we had installed actual wood shakes, which are subject to drying, cracking, rotting and other natural processes.

Roof of home with new CeDUR shake roofing showing how it looks just like wood roofThe CeDUR roof on this wonderful classic Las Vegas home is going to look great for many decades to come. We recommend it to any client with an aging, leaking or damaged wood shake or shingle roof that needs to be replaced. It’s also a wonderful upgrade to asphalt roofing or in any case where a traditional roofing look is appropriate.

An investment in quality CeDUR shakes, which are warrantied 50 years, will take your home through the next half century in Las Vegas.  Who knows what changes we will see in the next few decades, but since this is Las Vegas, we know they’ll be interesting, and we look forward to the challenges of finding the perfect roofing solutions for all of them!

Find out more about CeDUR here or give us a call for more information.