Desert Homes Glow with the Beauty of Metal Roofing

Front view homes in McDonald Highland Henderson with new copper roofing

McDonald Highland homes in Henderson with elegant metal roofing

With a leisure lifestyle and the natural beauty of the surrounding desert, many Henderson homeowners look to enhance the style and comfort of their home with special features that complement the environment around them. One element that has a big impact on the look of a home is its roof. If you’re planning a custom new or remodeled home, have you considered metal roofing? From classic copper or zinc to elegant modern pre-finished galvanized steel panels, metal roofs are growing in popularity and are well-suited for Southern Nevada homes.

Consider some of the advantages of copper and metal roofing:

Style and Curb Appeal of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are increasing in appeal and popularity as more people discover the advantages of metal roofing. Some people aren’t sure about metal rooftops because they have an old view of metal roofing, like sheet metal just hammered in place. But metal roofing has come a long way. One of the advantages of metal roofing materials like copper, zinc, steel and aluminum, is that they come in many different varieties and can be molded into beautiful forms and designs. Homeowners can choose among panels, strips, shingles, and other styles. Thanks to a variety of coatings, metal rooftops can be built in a wide variety of colors and can even mimic other types of roofing.

Metal Roofs are Energy Efficient

Metal adds to the energy efficiency of a house, especially in warmer climates like Henderson’s. This is because of the naturally reflective properties of metal: instead of absorbing sunlight as heat, it reflects that sunlight back into the air.  Some installations provide ventilation between the roof panels and the substrate. The result? Your house stays cooler, and you save money on energy bills during the hottest months.  And most metal roofing is recyclable so there’s less that ends up in landfills.

Metal Roofing is Durable and Weather Resistant

Metal rooftops are some of the most durable around. Unlike materials like asphalt, metal handles time and the elements in an elegant manner. Metal rooftops typically last between 40 and 70 years or more, depending on the metal and the style. That’s one of the longest roofing lifespans around, which means less money spent on replacements and repairs. Metal is also one of the most fire resistant roofing materials, making it easy to meet building code requirements and protect your roof from fire. Metal roofing is lightweight which is easy on the house’s frame.  And, because of it’s durability, longevity and beauty, a metal roof adds to the resale value of your home.

Customization and Classic Features

Metal is a great choice for restoring old houses or giving a new rooftop a classic or historic appearance. This is particularly true of copper rooftops: Copper’s famous patina contributes a classic feel. Metal rooftops can be enhanced with beautiful decorative or functional features such as vents, chimney caps, gutters, cupolas, and panels, which add to the unique, custom look of your metal roof.

Some considerations to be aware of if you are considering adding a metal roof to your home:

Cost of Copper Roofing and other Metal Roofs

While copper roofing’s style and durability are of the highest quality, metal roofing is more costly than most other roofing materials. Add in customized design and fixtures, and it’s clear that metal roofing is a true luxury product. But don’t forget, metal roofing is an investment, and the  cost is partially offset over time since metal roofs need little maintenance, last longer than most other roofs, save energy and can add significantly to the value of the home.

Metal Roofs and Weathering

While metal is very resistant to weather conditions as a whole, metal materials are susceptible to oxidation. When it comes to natural materials like aluminum, zinc and copper this actually adds to the beauty of the roof, but steel can rust and degrade. Coatings prevent this from happening by sealing off the metal, but coatings can fade over time and rust problems can sneak in, especially in wetter climates.

In climates with a lot of disparity between temperatures – hot summers and cold winters – metal rooftops will expand and contract through the year, which may cause panels with fixed fasteners to loosen. Quality panels are installed with concealed clips which allow for this expansion and contraction. Simple maintenance is advised to check and tighten up fasteners loosened when metal expands and contracts during extreme temperature changes.

Rainy Days

Heavy rainstorms may be noisy under a metal roof. Some metal roofs tend to magnify the sound of rain since the metal is unable to buffer the impact of raindrops like wood, asphalt and tile do.  Ask your builder about ways to eliminate or reduce rain noise in your metal roof design.

Consider Metal Roofing for your home

Overall, copper and metal roofs are a joy to the homeowners who choose them. Metal roofs are an opportunity to make the home special, to add to the visual impact of the home and its surroundings. If you would like to see more examples of our work with metal roofs in Henderson and Southern Nevada, visit our photo gallery on our website.  If you have any questions on copper and metal roofing, we’d be happy to answer them and help you decide if metal roofing is right for you home.


Important Roof Safety Tips for Homeowners

Professional roofer with safety equipment climbing ladderHomeowners have to deal with their share of repairs. Sometimes it’s a leaky faucet; at other times, it’s a leaky roof. It’s important to remember that some jobs are do-it-yourself, and some are better left to a professional.

When it comes to roof repairs in Las Vegas, safety is a big issue and we advise our clients and Las Vegas neighbors to give us a call if they need any work done on the roof.  Professionals have special equipment and training to stay safe at all times.

If you must go up on your roof, here are 10 basic safety tips we adhere to when working on the roof of a home or business:

  1. Look down at your feet. Proper footwear is essential. Purchase a good pair of work boots with proper tread and rubber soles. Rubber is essential to protecting yourself if working with electrical equipment.
  2. Weather is a factor. Precipitation makes the surface of a roof a no-go zone. It becomes easy to slip and fall on slick tiles or shingles. Significant wind or heat can also affect workers. Heat stroke and dehydration can impair judgment and balance, causing a work injury or fall.
  3. Unsecured ladders are a hazard. Ensure that ladders are placed on even ground. The base of the ladder should be one quarter of the distance away from the wall as compared to the height of the wall itself.
  4. Keep the area clean. Periodically clear any debris and maintain the area with as few obstacles as possible. Dirt and work materials can easily disguise wires and throw workers off balance.
  5. Stay organized. Know what equipment is necessary before beginning work. Reduce the number of trips up and down the ladder by bringing what you need with you for each part of the job. Pay close attention to nails, pieces of boards and wires.
  6. Don’t work solo. Have another person there to spot you as you go up and down the ladder. They can get rid of unnecessary items, clear the space and bring additional equipment or water and food.
  7. Purchase and wear a quality safety harness, especially for sharply pitched roofs. Tie it to a sturdy object that can easily hold your weight in case you begin to slip. A harness will help prevent an accidental fall.
  8. Use safety glasses and a hard hat. Objects have a nasty way of bouncing back into your face as one drills. Don’t impair your vision.
  9. Temporarily attach small sections of 2 x 4 to the roof. The addition provides extra foot support as you navigate the space.
  10. Keep your eyes on the task at hand. Looking at the views or engaging in chit chat can easily distract and lead to a preventable slip and fall.

Roof repairs in Las Vegas are a significant undertaking. Any home repair can go awry, but roof repairs are especially dangerous. If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of work, call us at Prestige, your Las Vegas roofing specialist, to handle the job for you and leave yourself with some peace of mind.